Benjamin Hollihan is an Edmonton-based journalist and photographer. He is here to take your picture and get your viewpoint. He enjoys these two things because it: 1. keeps him out of the story, and 2. keeps him out of photographs. Benjamin is a huge fan of analog media: film, paper, and vinyl. Currently, he writes for the griff, MacEwan’s student newspaper, and helps out as an intern at CJSR. He believes everyone needs to take a step back from the digital to live with the tangible once in a while.

What interests Benjamin more than anything is what you have to say. He loves to capture life and to hear other people’s stories. This has led to a love of travelling and exploring the world, and an avid love of nature– from the mountains to the sea. He wants to be a part of as many stories as possible, including yours. His love of finding life in every form and capturing new images has led to an expensive travelling habit. He has kept this bio concise because he is afraid you have clicked About by accident and doesn’t want to scare you off.