Don’t Lose It

We are all constantly pushed to brand ourselves; to utilize the all-encompassing monolith of social media in order to ‘grow’. While these platforms are an amazing tool for communication, collaboration, and frankly free marketing, in my experience they come with a sinister twist: a loss of truth.

Underlying all of the posts, and beneath all of the hustling and self-promotion, is a sense of ingenuity. We are convinced that these Instagram profiles are truthful representations of people, yet we spend so much time agonizing over which parts of ourselves to censor in order to create a palatable personality.

I am guilty of it, you are guilty of it. We are all guilty of it, and there is not much we can do about it. Marketing and self-promotion are important parts of being able to survive, to create something that people want to buy- the issue is that we have become the product. By becoming the product, we begin to evaluate ourselves based on the success we have on these platforms and begin to bury the honest, imperfect, impromptu moments that make us human. We fear moments that make us look bad, or contradict our public personas. Which is ironic, considering that if we are to be relatable, we should be airing these moments of struggle, failure, or comedic accidents that make us who we are. Our collective imperfections are what make us human, and we shouldn’t be afraid to share them with others. On the contrary, a community of professionals who can display that there is more to them that airbrushed statuses and exclamation marks surrounding their next event may lead to the most successful and healthy form of online communication we can achieve.

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