The Analog Medium

Why do I love analog media?

There is something incredible about being able to hold a tangible form of art in your hand. About the meditative ritual of picking a record off of a shelf, admiring the art, and watching as the black disc unleashes the music that is stored on it. There is no digital artifice involved; the pieces created take up physical, real space. They have emotions, memories, a history attached to them. And they are imperfect. They get scratches, dents, dusty, and reflect a real. They are not digitally perfected, cold and exacting.

It allows us to disconnect, as well. To take a step back from the increasingly all-encompassing digital world of social media and servers in a distant land that contains all. The physical media forces us into the present, into what we are doing. The process of production, viewing, listening, was created to only do one thing. It causes us to have greater care and appreciation for this media because there are no copies, it is not infinitely reproducible. You possess one of the copies, perhaps, but there are a limited number. People and objects, not electricity and microprocessors were involved in the creation of that art. And the vinyl is played right before our eyes; the photograph is exposed when we click the shutter. It allows us to connect more deeply to what is happening because we can more easily understand what is happening.

Analog media are one of the last true connections to capturing the real world around us using the real world itself.

This photo was taken at CJSR, where I work, and where I love to sit, think, and stare at all the music stored. Every song takes up space. It’s almost as good as actually listening to them.

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